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Salmon Arm and Local Area Resources

Pain BC Practitioner – Pain BC is a registered charity whose mission is to enhance the well-being of all people living with pain through empowerment, care, education and innovation. They have a province-wide practitioner list on their site so you are able to find pain-informed practitioners. The local health professionals who have chronic pain knowledge and training, are listed on this list. Pain BC Practitioner list

Breathe Yoga Sorrento – The Restorative yoga class is an opportunity to dump all of the stress and trauma from your nervous system. Restorative yoga is designed to allow you to completely relax into your body without stretching, without strength – you are simply here to rest in ways that are beneficial for your physical and energetic bodies. In comparison to sleep where you drop out of awake consciousness, here you are guided to stay present while you rest. This is a way to release everything that is ready to let go. Breathe Yoga Sorrento

Gratitude Yoga – The infrared yin and sound bath is a gentle entry into yoga at Gratitude. 40 min of yin practice designed to promote deep rest and communion with your body. Longer holds help to reset your connective tissue and offer a respite from our fast paced lives. Class ends with a 20min Crystal Singing Bowl ‘Sound Bath’ meditation. Gratitude Yoga

Namaste Yoga – offers some gentler options for people with injuries and pain, including an ‘Old Guy Yoga’ class. They also offer meditation training and practice. Namaste Yoga

Sweet Freedom Yoga – offers a Gentle Yoga Class. Everyone is welcome to Gentle Yoga, a class where age and ability level do not matter. If you’re a beginner, have been away from your mat for a while, are in pain or recovery, or just need an hour to slow down and tune in to your breath—this is the class for you! In Gentle Yoga students have the option to support themselves using of lots of props and the teacher offers modifications throughout class to accommodate all bodies. Sweet Freedom Yoga

Yoga In Canoe – The Gentle Chair Yoga Class is for anyone limited to a practice on their mat but wish to get the full benefits of a yoga practice flow. Relax, stretch, tone and unwind in this flow from your seat. You will be surprised at how much you can do from your chair!
Yoga In Canoe

Rewire Your Nervous System – Reanna Costa’s Rewire is an incredible weekend dedicated to sensing and feeling into the vital system that ultimately controls our health. All of the ways we interact with the world; both consciously and unconsciously. Based on Somatic Experiencing (SE), we learn to feel into the body in a way that we have long learned to tune out as a result of difficult, adverse or traumatic experiences we have come up against in our lives. In this, we begin to give ourselves permission to feel what has not been felt, to turn towards what we have turned away from and to be with all that we have not been able to be with in the past.
Rewire Your Nervous System

Kadampa Meditation Centre – This group offers weekly drop-in Buddhist meditation classes in Salmon Arm. Meditation is a simple, natural, effective way to overcome stress, improve your health and find inner peace. Everyone is welcome. Kadampa Meditation Centre

Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi (250 542 1781) – Develop a mind that is dynamic yet clear and calm and a spirit that is resilient yet light and peaceful. Taoist Tai Chi® practice is a moving meditation that reduces stress and helps you find joy. Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi

Enderby Tai Chi – Yang family-style in its many variations is the most popular and widely practised style in the world today. Classes are held for a nominal fee at the Enderby Seniors Centre, Mon and Fri 9am to 10am.

Shuswap Float and Wellness Home to the Shuswap’s only float pod, this centre specializes in the facilitation of de-stressing & relaxing your body, so that you may come back to yourself and find your own calm energy. Shuswap Float And Wellness

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