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Pain Education Resources

Pain BC Link

Pain BC is a registered charity whose mission is to enhance the well-being of all people living with pain through empowerment, care, education and innovation. They have a province-wide practitioner list on their site so you are able to find pain-informed practitioners.
Find Help
Pain BC offers the following free programs and tools to help people living with pain develop a holistic, integrated approach to pain management:
Live Plan Be Pain BC’s free online self-management tool for people living with chronic pain. On Live Plan Be, you can learn about the science behind chronic pain, keep track of your symptoms and their impacts, develop a plan for better pain management and quality of life, and much more. It is a great way to begin your pain management learning, or also to refine your skills and awareness at any stage of your journey. See below for some key links:
Pain Basics
Pain and the brain
Anxiety assessments, articles, videos and podcasts
Depression assessments, articles and videos
Articles, videos and podcasts on everyday living
Mind-body therapies and techniques
Paced activities
Goal setting and planning tools
Nutrition articles and videos

Pain Support Line – The Pain Support Line provides free information, support and a listening ear to talk about your own pain or that of a family member or friend. Trained staff and volunteers can help by providing a safe space to talk about pain and its impact on your life, information on community resources including health care, social services and supports, income assistance, transportation, home health support, food, housing, and more. The Pain Support Line is available from Monday to Friday 9 AM – 4 PM and can be reached toll-free at 1-844-880-PAIN (7246). Pain Support Line

Pain Support and Wellness Groups – Pain Support and Wellness Groups offer an opportunity for people living with persistent pain to meet regularly and build a community of support while learning about pain, pain management and coping strategies. Groups are free to attend and meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Pain Support and Wellness Groups

Coaching for Health – Coaching for Health is a free telephone or video conference coaching program designed to help people living with pain learn self-management skills, regain function and improve their well-being. Accessing the program requires a referral from any licensed medical professional. Coaching for Health

MyCarePath – MyCarePath is a free online resource for teens ages 12-17. When it comes to pain in kids and teens, early intervention is key. This site gives teens the right information so they can take action and be in charge of their own pain management plan. MyCarePath

Pain Waves podcast – Tune in to Pain BC’s free Pain Waves podcast to hear from leading chronic pain experts and people in pain as they discuss the latest pain management research, stories, tools, and trends. Pain Waves podcast

Pain BC newsletter – Pain BC’s free monthly newsletter that provides updates on the latest pain-related news, events, resources, opportunities and much more. Examples of what’s included: helpful resources for people living with chronic pain and caregivers, opportunities for people in pain to get involved in advocacy and research, etc. Pain BC newsletter

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